High Temperature Resistant 500℃ Silicone Resin

Silicone resin composed of phenyl/alkyl groups has excellent high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, and strong adhesion. It can be quickly tack-dried at room temperature; suitable for formulating various series of high-temperature resistant coatings, high-temperature resistant self-drying coatings, H-class insulating coatings, etc.; silicone resin can also be used to manufacture temperature-resistant coatings, organic tin polymers, inks, Coated materials and plastic modifications, etc., their excellent properties have made them widely used in various fields.

When manufacturing temperature-resistant coatings, the weather resistance and strong adhesion of silicone resin enable the coating to maintain its original performance and color for a long time without cracking or falling off due to temperature changes. This coating can be used for various equipment or components that require high temperature resistance, such as engines, turbines, high-temperature furnaces, etc. It can also be used to make organic tin polymers, which have excellent high temperature resistance and electrical insulation properties and can be used to make electronic components and insulating materials at high temperatures.

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