Silanes & Silicones Used in Personal Care

Organosilicon is a polymer compound with semi-inorganic and semi-organic structure, which presents a helical structure in space. This determines that it has many excellent properties: lubricity, hydrophobicity, physiological inertness, anti-ultraviolet radiation and compatibility, etc., which provides the possibility to improve the performance of cosmetics.

Functions of Silanes and Silicones for Personal Care

Silanes improve the adhesion and durability of cosmetics, enhancing their staying power on the skin. They also aid in stabilizing emulsions and formulating sunscreen products. Silicones provide a smooth, non-greasy texture in skincare and haircare products, offering a silky feel and a protective barrier. They are used in shampoos, conditioners, and skin creams to enhance product performance, feel, and appearance. Silanes and silicones play key roles in enhancing the sensory and functional attributes of personal care items.

Advantages of Silfluo's Silanes and Silicones in the Personal Care Industry

Silfluo's silanes and silicones offer compelling advantages in the personal care industry. Their silky texture and skin-friendly properties make them ideal for cosmetics and skincare products, providing a luxurious feel and enhanced performance. These materials also improve the stability and shelf life of formulations, ensuring product quality. They contribute to water resistance in sunscreens and long-lasting wear in cosmetics. Silfluo's silanes and silicones play a pivotal role in creating innovative, high-quality personal care products that enhance the user experience and meet the demanding standards of the industry.

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