Silanes & Silicones Used in Coating & Paints

Silanes are used as adhesion promoters, coupling agents, pigment treatments, crosslinker in coating; Silanes can also act as surface modifiers. Silicone fluid is often used as a flow agent and leveling agent. Silicone rubber is a flexible elastomer composed of long polymer chains with alternating silicon and oxygen atoms.

Functions of Silanes and Silicones for Coating & Paints

Silanes act as adhesion promoters, enhancing the bonding between substrates and the coating, leading to improved adhesion and long-term durability. They also provide corrosion resistance and can enhance the paint's weathering properties. Silicones are used in coatings for their water repellency, flexibility, and heat resistance, making them suitable for high-temperature applications, waterproofing, and as additives to improve overall coating performance. Together, silanes and silicones contribute to the protection, aesthetics, and longevity of coatings and paints.

Advantages of Silfluo's Silanes and Silicones in the Coating & Paints Industry

Silfluo's silanes act as outstanding adhesion promoters, enhancing the bond between substrates and coatings, paints, adhesives, and sealants, resulting in improved durability and long-lasting performance. Their silicones provide excellent water repellency, flexibility, and heat resistance, making them valuable for a wide range of coating applications. Silfluo's products contribute to enhanced adhesion, protection, and overall coating performance, ensuring quality and longevity in various industries, from automotive to construction.

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