End-capping 107 Is Actually Not 107, It Is Alkoxy Silicone Oil

1. Dealcohol sealant

Dealcohol-type sealants are non-corrosive to metals, and the small molecular alcohols released during vulcanization are low-toxic, environmentally friendly, have no obvious irritating odor, and have good adhesion to various substrates. They have become an adhesive sealant. Research hotspots in the pharmaceutical industry, research institutions and universities. Dealcoholized silicone sealants have been widely used in many fields, such as printed circuit board coating, bonding and fixing of electronic and electrical parts, assembly of automobiles and LED lamps, sealing of doors and windows, bonding and sealing of mirrors or handicrafts etc., the development prospects are very promising.

2. Typical applications

●Coating glue

●Conformal anti-paint

●Adhesive sealing

●Construction glue

●Electronic components

●Mirror bonding

●Potting glue (shallow potting)

●The seam between glass and glass

●The fixation of electronic components

Traditional dealcoholized silicone rubber is generally made from 107 silicone rubber as the base rubber, combined with fillers, cross-linking agents, catalysts, coupling agents, plasticizers, etc. Because organotin is used as the catalyst, it is easy to generate monoalkoxy polymers without cross-linking activity, which has poor storage stability; if titanate is used as the catalyst, titanate interacts with the terminal hydroxyl groups of 107 silicone rubber to form In the false cross-linked state, viscosity peaks will occur, seriously affecting production efficiency.

In response to the above problems, our company has developed polyalkoxy-terminated silicone oil, which is often called end-capped 107 in the market. In the process of producing alcohol-type rubber, alkoxy silicone oil will not have a viscosity peak even if titanate catalyst is used, which not only improves production efficiency, but also improves storage stability, and the color is transparent and not turbid after compound vulcanization.

For the condensation adhesive application market, we also launched the low-ring  107 series.

Plasticizer: alkoxy silicone oil

Plasticizer is a common raw material for silicone rubber. Its function is to reduce the modulus of silicone rubber and improve the processing and use performance of silicone rubber. This product is a mixed end-capped polydimethylsiloxane. The end of its molecular chain contains a certain proportion of reactive groups and inactive groups. Therefore, this plasticizer is very suitable for the production of "low viscosity, low hardness, high elongation, non-migration" type silicone rubber, and can fully or partially replace dimethyl silicone oil in RTV and LSR.

Features after use:

Significantly reduce system concentration;

Reduce hardness after vulcanization;

Improve elastomer elongation and resilience;

Do not migrate;

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