What is Fluorosilicone?

Fluorosilicone material is a new material developed on the basis of organic silicon material and organic fluorine material. Due to the silicon-oxygen bond in the main chain structure and the fluorine-containing alkyl group in the side chain structure, the fluorosilicone polymer has the high temperature chemical corrosion resistance and oil resistance of fluorocarbon rubber and the excellent high temperature tensile retention rate and low temperature resistance of silicone rubber. Soft properties, foreign experts believe that fluorosilicone rubber is the only synthetic rubber that is resistant to oil and solvents in a wide temperature range of -68°C to 232°C. Fluorosilicone rubber, also known as γ-trifluoropropylmethyl polysiloxane, is a side chain modified silicone elastomer. Generally, products made of fluorosilicone rubber, in addition to the characteristics of general silicone rubber, also have excellent oil resistance, including fuel oil, engine oil, chemical reagents and solvents. Therefore, fluorosilicone rubber can well make up for the lack of oil resistance of ordinary silicone rubber, and can be called the "king of new materials" among silicone elastomers.

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