What are the Characteristics of Fluorosilicone?

Cold resistance, because fluorosilicone rubber is a linear polymer composed of soft Si-O as the main chain, the low temperature characteristics are better than those of fluororubber with C-C as the main chain. Weathering resistance, the weathering resistance of fluorosilicone rubber is very good, even after 5 years of exposure, it still maintains good performance. Electrical performance, radiation resistance performance. Oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance. heat resistance.

Due to the excellent oil resistance of fluorosilicone rubber and the heat resistance of its silicone elastomer, this material is especially suitable for some applications that require high temperature resistance and fuel resistance, such as seals, hoses, rubber gaskets, films and impregnated products. It is an indispensable special material for automobile industry, modern military industry, aerospace industry, transportation industry such as automobile and ship, petrochemical industry, and medical and health departments such as artificial organs.

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