What are Phosphazene Flame Retardants?

Phosphazene compound is a kind of inorganic compound with alternating double bonds of P and N as the main chain structure. It exists in a ring or linear structure, and a phenoxy group is connected to the phosphorus atom. The introduction of phenoxy group makes the phosphazene compound a combination product of inorganic compound and organic compound, and is a good halogen-free, environment-friendly and green flame retardant. Phosphazene compounds have excellent characteristics such as heat resistance and moisture absorption resistance. We use this phosphazene compound to produce phosphazene flame retardant hexaphenoxycyclotriphosphazene CAS NO.: 1184-10-7, polydiphenoxy Phosphazene-based CAS NO.: 28212-48-8, suitable for printed circuit boards, special sealing materials, high-frequency components, resin molded products (PC, PPE, PET, PBT, HDPE, etc.), adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives Mixtures, heat-resistant coatings, etc.

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