Classification and Application of Silicone Fluid

Silicone fluid usually refers to linear polysiloxane that remains liquid at room temperature. It is a type of silicone product with many varieties and a wide range of applications. According to the different classifications of substituent groups on the polysiloxane chain, silicone fluid can be divided into: methyl silicone fluid, phenyl silicone fluid, ethyl silicone fluid, hydroxyl silicone fluid, amino silicone fluid, hydrogen silicone fluid, vinyl silicone fluid and polyether modified silicone fluid , Fluorosilicone fluid and many other types.

Several representative silicone fluids:

1. Phenyl silicone fluid

Another widely used phenyl silicone fluid is a product obtained by substituting some methyl groups with phenyl groups. According to the content of phenyl groups, it can be divided into the following categories: Low phenyl silicone fluid (5% phenyl mole fraction ~10% ); medium phenyl silicone fluid (phenyl mole fraction 25%); high phenyl silicone fluid (phenyl mole fraction 45%); high phenyl low polymerization degree silicone fluid (phenyl mole fraction higher than 45%); Synthetic phenyl silicone fluid.

2. Vinyl silicone fluid

Vinyl silicone fluid is the base material for the production of addition-type liquid glue and silicone gel.

3. Modified fluorosilicone fluid

Fluorosilicone fluid has the common advantages of siloxane and fluorocarbon, and has excellent weather resistance, lubricity and oleophobicity, and is widely used in friction fields such as aerospace, automobiles, electromechanical and electronic machinery.

At present, silicone fluid is mainly used as high-grade lubricating oil, anti-vibration oil, insulating oil, defoamer, release agent, polishing agent, release agent and vacuum diffusion pump oil, etc.; emulsion can be used for car tire glazing, instrument panel glazing, etc.

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