Mastering Solid Silicone Rubber Molding: Challenges and Considerations

Solid silicone rubber mold is the most common and widely used silicone product manufacturing technology in the silicone industry. In our lives, whether it is silicone buttons, silicone watches, cell phone shells, or even cake molds, almost all of them are made of solid silicone rubber. In the mold manufacturing process, in order to avoid the manufacture of unqualified products, the working temperature, mold, time, position, weight, and other factors can determine whether the manufactured products are qualified. This article will introduce solid silicone rubber mold production process precautions.

Forming and Demolding Challenges

When solid silicone rubber products are molded with high pressure, it takes a certain amount of time for the shrinkage rate of solid silicone rubber (which varies depending on the type of product) to ease as it cannot be eliminated due to the internal force accumulated in the elastomer. Therefore, a certain amount of time is needed to ease the shrinkage and stabilize it. Therefore, when designing a solid silicone rubber product, whether in the formulation or in the mold, it is necessary to make careful calculations and coordination. Take into account the overall situation, otherwise, it is likely to result in unstable product sizes and lead to a reduction in product quality.

Suitable Manufacturing Environment

Solid silicone rubber is a thermosoluble, thermosetting elastomer. Due to the difference in the type of vulcanizing agent of the silicone rubber, the temperature region of its formation and curing is also very large, and, even in the vulcanization process of the silicone rubber, it will be affected by the weather changes and the temperature and humidity in the room. Therefore, the manufacturing conditions for silicone products must always be properly adjusted, otherwise the quality of the product will deviate.

Production and Molding

Solid silicone rubbe products are made from silicone rubber compounded by refining silicone raw materials. The formula is designed according to the characteristics of the required silicone rubber products during the refining process, and the required hardness of the product and the type of silicone rubber vulcanizing agent are determined. The product is vulcanized by a solid silicone rubber sheet vulcanizing machine. After molding, the final product is trimmed to give it a smooth and burr-free surface.

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