Exploring the Diverse Applications of Siloxane Resin

As a kind of polymer material, siloxane resin is widely used because of its excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, radiation resistance, water repellency, stain resistance, chemical resistance and other special properties. Since the molecular structure of siloxane resin still retains reactive groups such as hydroxyl groups, this provides more possibilities for the modification of siloxane resin. This article will introduce the main applications of siloxane resin.

Waterproof Coatings

The excellent hydrophobicity of siloxane resin allows it to be widely used as a waterproof coating, especially in the waterproofing of building materials. Building materials that lead to concrete and masonry damage caused by water immersion is more prominent, to extend the service life of the building requires the use of a waterproofing product that can prevent water intrusion, but does not impede the spillage of internal moisture. Siloxane resin as a waterproofing coating can also be applied to the building materials and stone and brick, after the application of its life expectancy of 10-15 years. Silicone waterproofing coatings therefore also have important advantages for the restoration of ancient buildings and masonry works of art.

Wear-resistant Coatings

There are many modification methods of siloxane resin, such as changing the organic groups on the side chain, grafting the main chain, etc. These modification methods can improve the scratch resistance of siloxane resin coatings. Nowadays, the use of nanotechnology for modification has a good development prospect.

Improve the Wear Resistance of Coatings

On the one hand, the resin matrix can be modified. The interaction between the resin and the nanoparticles changes the thermodynamic properties of the system, which in turn enables the formation of a special ordered structure. By changing the aggregation structure of polymer chains, increasing the intermolecular atomic forces, binding the chain movement, and reducing the abrasion, the wear resistance is improved. On the other hand, the introduction of nanofillers in the coating system can improve the mechanical strength and surface hardness of the coating.

Antifouling Coatings

The excellent antifouling properties of siloxane resin also depend on its unique chemical structure. Siloxane resin contains a large number of silica hydroxyl groups. During the film formation process, the siloxane hydroxyl groups are dehydrated and condensed to form a huge mesh structure, which results in an extremely dense paint film. This is also the reason for the low surface energy and low surface tension of siloxane resin. The modified siloxane resin has a surface contact angle of 150°, which gives the coating excellent hydrophobicity and theoretically excellent antifouling properties.

Electrical Insulating Varnish

The maximum operating temperature of electrical insulating varnish made of siloxane resin and organic materials is 110℃. The maximum operating temperature of the electrical insulating varnish made of siloxane resin combined with inorganic materials is 130°C. The maximum operating temperature of the electrical insulating varnish made of pure siloxane resin combined with organic materials is 180°C. The electric insulating varnish made of pure siloxane resin and inorganic materials can be used for a long time at 180℃. Siloxane-modified alkyd resin can be made into class F (155℃) insulating varnish.

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